Placed 21st

in South Group Twenty-two

Yuliia Yefremenko

This has always been a motto of mine: just be yourself and beilive in small miracles! All your dreams will come true!

Thank you

On behalf of Maxim's Finest and Homes for Wounded Warriors, we would like to thank you for helping us support our injured veterans.

What has been the highlight of your modeling career so far?

I started modeling about seven months ago and modeled for several different companies so far. I would say, the highlight of my career is that I participated in JetSet magazine cover girl contest and made it to the top 10 in my group. Now JetSet magazine invited me to Red Carpet Event in Arizona and many celebrities will be there. Modeling is what I'm passionate about so this event will be a great opportunity to introduce myself to the fashion world!

Why should you be voted Maxim's Finest?

I love to model. I give it all: my natural beauty, my personality, and the whole world inside of me. I enjoy doing photo shoots and feel confident in front of the camera. In return, my photographs are not just pretty images but are art pieces radiating the energy. That's why my photos are eye catching. I have Europian beauty and everybody likes it. To be voted Maxim's Finest also would be a big step forward in my career.

What would you do with $25,000?

I would use $25,000 to enroll into the beauty school. It has been my dream to learn how to do professional makeup and hair for the photo shoots. Also, I am a professional belly dancer, so some of the money would be going towards the opening of my dance studio where I can teach ladies feminine and beautiful movements.