Placed 12th

in International Group Twenty

Ashley Resch

I am a bubbly, outgoing Canadian girl with a dream of creating a bigger movement to empower everyone to feel the confidence from within.

Thank you

On behalf of Maxim's Finest and Homes for Wounded Warriors, we would like to thank you for helping us support our injured veterans.

What has been the highlight of your modeling career so far?

We rise by lifting others. Just knowing that I am capable of inspiring people through my platform, getting rid of that doubt and replacing it with confidence is what I would consider to be the highlight of my career. Of course I will not disregard the feeling of success that comes with every publication I have had (especially Sports Illustrated), but knowing that I can help someone say "I can" and give them the courage to live their lives will always be the highlight in my career.

Why should you be voted Maxim's Finest?

Ever since I knew I wanted to be a model, Maxim had always stood out to me. The women who model for Maxim are the perfect representation of tenacity, ambition, sexiness, softness and femininity which is the message I promote through my platform, and that is power. I think I should be voted Maxim's Finest because I live my every day life surrounding myself with these qualities, and if a girl from Calgary can make this journey a reality what does that say for so many other young girls out there?

What would you do with $25,000?

Everyone goes through hardships, but nothing in life worth having comes easily and surrounding yourself with those people who help and encourage you, will always make that journey with those problems and issues, somehow, an experience to enjoy or too learn from. With $25,000 I would be able to give back to those who have always given so much to me.